June – July 2016

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Sadly we had to bid fond farewells and “Aloha ‘Oe” to three great Hawaiians/friends/Musicians/ohana in the past few weeks…..

—-from our area (Seattle/Tacoma, WA) we lost a “little” (like not tall) guy with the biggest heart and sweetest/warmest smile and personality and a truly great voice Alika Armitagewe extend our condolences to the Armitage ohana…. 

—-from the northern part (Bellingham, WA) of our Pacific NW area we said “Aloha ‘oe” to James Jimmeraz Jimmy Mamac a Native Hawaiian member of our first nation/Native American Lummi tribe ohana….Jimmy loved his Hawaiian lineage even though he had most recently been more involved on a daily basis in his other cultural lineage (as a member of the Lummi Tribe)….the day he passed away , Jimmy had been doing three of the things he loved best (being among members of the Pacific Northwest Hawaian community at the Yakima Pikanini Bash; playing Hawaiian music and eating Hawaiian kine food) . I had the privilege of attending the celebration of life for Jimmy on the Lummi Reservation where it was so nice to be a part of the warm feeling shared between Jimmy’s Lummi ohana, his friends and his Hawaiian family as well as other members of the area Hawaiian community.

—-back in our Aina Hanau (Hawaii) we lost one of the most popular, unique and beloved Hawaiian musicians with the passing of Jimmy Borges the guy who infused jazz into Hawaiian music. We extend condolences to the Borges ohana, especially to Tommy Borges in Spokane whom I believe is currently the best solo Hawaiian entertainer in the Pacific Northwest!

Aloha `oe to one of my Seattle ohana…..in 1969, I returned from my 18 months tour in Vietnam and was assigned to Ft Lawton as a military advisor to U.S. Army Reserve units in the State of Washington..Tthis was at the peak time of dislike by many U.S. citizens for the Vietnam war and consequently for U.S. military personnel fighting in that war….military personnel like me were “welcomed” home with threats of violence/disrespect/vulgar statements/etc….I was one of the lucky ones as I was “adopted” by a group of musicians (including folks like Howard Bulson “Mr Piano-man of Seattle at that time”; singer Mary Towne Smith; singer/pianist Joyce Cosby Edwards; jazz pianist Primo Kim; big band pianist Johnny Haskell, etc) all of whom went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, part of their ohana and warmly welcome to Seattle (they were all influential on my eventually retiring in Seattle)….with the passage of time, many of this group have passed on and most recently Joyce Cosby Edwards also went home to God….I need to say Aloha `oe to this fine friend…Mahalo nui and rest in peace Joyce!!!


            THE CYCLE OF LIFE BEGINS……….

Even as the Sun has set for some within our Hawaiian community, AKUA has also blessed us with a few new additions to our Pacific NW ohana….so it’s time to say Mahalo for the following blessings we have been given and ho`omaikai/congrats to the ohana of those who will continue our life cycle …..

LADIES FIRST: on May 10th, we said “E Komo Mai/welcome….to baby June Kuahea Lono Batura and congrats to parents Maile and Ryan Batura as well as to the big good looking guy from Hana, Maui (grandpa Steve Lono; he’s the one wit da beeg, beeg smile on his face) and Tutuwahine/grandma Rose Lono….baby June came a little early (a preemie) but is doing well as is Mom Maile…

IT’S A BOY:on May 14th, it was my turn to become da proud Tutukane/grandpa wit da beeg, beeg smile on my face as my daughter Shannon Malia Kaopuiki-Delaney who lives in Portland, Oregon gave birth to her 5th child, son Keoni Kaopuiki-Delaney.



Our Hawaiian culture was built in great part around our faith and beliefs….as the cycle of life goes on there are times when some among us seek the power of prayer to help when medical or other problems arise……At this time, there are some within our Pacific NW Hawaiian community for whom prayers of support would help….I ask that you join me in praying for the following members of our community….

DEVA YAMASHIRO…..on June 28, 2016, Deva Yamashiro

one of the true leaders in our Pacific NW Hawaiian community had surgery to remove a cancerous kidney…Deva is the founder and Executive Director of the Ke Kukui Foundation in Vancouver, WA (which sponsors and hosts the annual “Three Days of Aloha Festival” in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon area which is one of the largest annual cultural festivals in the Pacfic NW each year, hosting over 10,000 visitors each year. The surgery was successful and Deva is recuperating at this time. We pray that Akua will bless Deva and grant her a speedy and complete recovery…

MIKE KUENZLI….da “haole boy” (as he calls himself) half of the popular Hawaiian group “Naki`i” (the other half of the group is his lovely and talented wife Erma) was scheduled to have open heart surgery at the Virginia Mason hospital in early July 2016. We pray that Akua will bless Mike and keep him safe and that the operation will be successful.

CYRIL PAHINUI…….Da Man who has blessed our Seattle area Hawaiian community by sponsoring and hosting the really great SEATTLE SLACK KEY FESTIVAL concerts. Cyril has been hospitalized for much of the past few months and his recuperation has been painfully slow but he is in good spirits (a plus) and he is still looking forward to coming up here in November for his next version of the Seattle Slack Key Festival. Prayers of support for him would be great!!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *PLACES KINE STUFF * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“POKE” places are blooming out all over the place…..I usually go to “Arnie’s” on the Edmonds, WA waterfront for my Poke fix (their “Ahi Poke Tacos” are great)and I guess the taste for poke is gaining favor among other folks up here as three new “Poke” places have opened up recently)…

—–In the middle of Seattle (the UW area) the Hawaii General Store (HGS) staff (Terry, Kiapu, Dina, Gail, et al) now go up the street from their workplace to the “45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar” at 2323 NE 45th St) to get their Poke lunch several times a week..the HGS gang says the Poke is really ono……..sooooo you gotta go try..

—-for you folks further south in Seattle, go try “BIG ISLAND POKE” (235 Rainier Ave S) in Renton……

—-a little farther south will get you to ‘SAM CHOY’S POKE TO THE MAX” place (5300 Rainier Ave S)

—-For you folks in the northern part of Seattle, CENTRAL MARKET (15505 WEstminister Way, Shoreline, WA carries POKE every day

—Over in Eastern Washington I hear tell that COSTCO stores put out a good POKE!

OF COURSE “POKE” IS MOST ONO WHEN EATEN WITH FRESH POI; so for the ultimate fix, get your fresh poi from the “HAWAII GENERAL STORE” (256 NE 45th St, Seattle) They get their fresh poi in every Thursday around noon time….but get there early ’cause the fresh poi goes quickly so if you go too late “wen get, get but wen no moah, no moah” too bad for you……


* * * * * * * * * * * POLITICAL STUFF * * * * * * * * * * *

WHERE DA SOVEREIGNTY ISSUE NOW????? It has been quiet for a while on the battlefield for sovereignty for Hawaii…I have done so much reading and researching the issue dat my head hurts….I’ve not heard nor seen anything on the internet recently so have no news for you…I DO HOWEVER RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALL START DOING SOME RESEARCHING OF YOUR OWN SO YOU CAN MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS WHEN THE TIME COMES..START BY “GOOGLING” THE NATIVE HAWAIIAN SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT…there really is some good stuff to read about.

Actually, the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) which seems to be the lead federal agency on the sovereignty issue has recently published rules regarding how some Hawaiian lands are to be “distributed” should Sovereignty become a reality (go to the following link for more detailed information: www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/05/13-11146land exchange


IMMIGRATION MEETING INFO: I get a lot of invitations to represent the Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities at various meetings/events. Most recently, I was invited to attend a meeting that the Mayor of Seattle was having with a group of staff from Washington DC who were here to discuss issues/problems that Immigrants to the U.S. were having. Most of us consider the Immigration issues as pertaining to others (Asians/Muslims/South Americans/etc) and not us Pacific Islanders…truth be known folks: the percentage of growth of Pacific Islanders particularly here in the Pacific NW is higher than most of us realize and some (many?) of our new Pacific Islander immigrants are “not documented” and are a concern for the local and federal governments. My primary interest is that we ensure that all our Pacific Islanders in the Pacific NW enjoy all the benefits of living here in the United States. Step 1 is for these “immigrants” to register and begin processing for citizenship…


BEST START FOR KIDS INITIATIVE……I’ve been invited to attend this important series of meetings on establishing programs for the very important segment of our community (our keiki) AND I AM HOPING THAT YOU ALL (THE PUBLIC) can join us at these meetings as the purpose of the meetings is to get your ideas/opinions and recommendations! Meetings will be in the King County Courthouse (Seattle) Chambers on dates as follows:

July 19 (1:30-4:30 p.m)

Aug 16 (1:30-4:30 pm)

Aug 23 (4-7 p.m.)

Sept 7 (1:30-3:30 p.m.)


* * * * * * * * * * * *WASSUP….COMING EVENTS/ACTIVITIES* * * * * * * * * * * *  


JULY 2016: HAPA is here on July 28TH as part of the City of Kent Summer Concert in the Parks program……HAPA will be in concert (FREE entry) @ the Lake Meridian Park in Kent, WA on July 28th @ 7-8:30 p.m.

JULY 2016 DEN DA FESTIVAL I THINK IS THE BIGGEST IN THIS AREA happens July29-30 featuring a whole bunch of BEEG HAWAIIAN STARS: ROBERT CAZIMERO; MANU BOYD, VICKY TAKAMINE HOLT and a few others at the “THREE DAYS OF ALOHA FESTIVAL AND HO`IKE” in the Vancouver, WA-Portland, OR area..

AUGUST 2016: YOU ALL REMEMBER a fabulous Hawaiian music group named “KALAPANA”? Well, they will here on August 21 @ the DragonZ Casino in Renton, WA!!!

AUGUST 4, 2016: The City of Kenmore Concerts in the Park (St Edward State Park) presents NAPUA & FRIENDS with the Rainbow of Hawaii dancers….6 p.m.

AUGUST 2016 :Another just for fun kine ting: go check out the Uwajimaya Hawaiian Days Festival August 20-21 (in Beaverton, OR and Renton/Bellevue/Seattle, WA….lots of great entertainment plus great deals on Hawaiian kine eats from Uwajimaya or the vendors on site….


Radiate Helm performs at Seattle’s 2016 Live Aloha Festival

SEPT 2016: That beautiful and talented young wahine from Molokai (no, no I said YOUNG so dat not Melveen) RAIATEA HELM is going to be the headliner at the2016 LIVE ALOHA HAWAIIAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL@ the Seattle Center on September 11, 2016…

OCTOBER 2016: AND JUS’ FO’ FUN KINE STUFF……..tons of GREAT (but not BEEG name folks) musicians will be assembling in the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick, Richland) area of Washington for the best party you folks have never been too: the annual BBB (BLUE BRIDGE BASH) which happens on Oct 1-2 was created and is hosted by two of the best Hawaiian Islander leaders in the Pacific NW (Auntie Onie Rendal and Ricky Chang) Some of the best Hawaiian talents in the Pac NW will be there (Ben Baker and his Na Leo Hawaii; Kermet Apio; Tommy Borges; Kai Uahinui; Peter Tabali; and more) The music, dance, food, fun and fellowship starts around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon and goes virtually non-stop until around 3 p.m. (checkout time when folks have to leave their hotels/motels/etc and head back to their homes in Idaho/Oregon/California/Washington and Hawaii).




Uncle Danny

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