July 2017




For me, history is built around people more than around places or events…as I look back into the past, I recognize how so many people have built the history I came from; without them, there would be no today and thence, no tomorrows……and in the time since my last Holoholo column past we have lost so many of those of our Hawaiian community/ohana who helped make our history…….those we lost, who left us to return to go home to Akua in heaven, come to mind initially as names because their departures seem such a time long ago…….but each and every one of those “names” had faces/families/lives and while there were too many to address every one of them here…here are some of those faces I remember…..



Billie and Ahoi Simeona…such a unique couple…joined together from their school days as classmates at Kamehameha….Ahoi and Billie had a tremendous impact on the Hawaiian community in the Pacific NW….Ahoi was instrumental in forming some of the first Hawaiian cultural organizations and events in the Pac NW like:…..(the Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association/NW Region; the Lokahi Foundation (which gave start to events which have continued through the passing of time like the annual Aha Mele festival) the 50th State Club; the Wakinikona Hawaiian Cultural Club; etc Ahoi’s lovely wife Billie was the “lady (same as power??) behind the man”; Billie was the calm composure behind the often hectic happenings. Billie and Ahoi left the Pac NW a couple of years ago to return to Home Hanau (Hawaii, land of their birth) to enjoy their last few years on earth…Aloha ‘oe Ahoi e Billie……….

Aunty MARGE ALLISON HUNT……..the Hawaiian Heart with a haole exterior…Aunty Marge was one of the first Kumu Hula to move into the Pac NW to help create the now huge (hundreds of hula dancers) and thriving Halau Hula in this area….Aloha ‘oe aunty Marge

Aunty CLAIRE CORTEZ….the diminutive lady proved beyond a doubt that dynamite can come in small packages…Auwe this lovely lady was the proudest example of how enchanting and exciting the Tahitian dance could be…..kinda like the adage (“where there’s soke, there’s fire”…..where you see CLAIRE there’s going to be some awesome Tahitian dancing!!!

MEI LING PICKFORD…another example of “dynamite in a small package”…awesome example of how to grow from a “kolohe” fun loving lady into a perfect icon of Hawaiiana & Aloha….. condolences to MUGSY WONG THOMAS (Federal Way, WA)…on the loss of her beloved Mother…….and to the Yoneda ohana on the loss of their Patriarch JOHN YONEDA……..condolences and sympathies to others who lost loved ones during the past 18 months………

In 2016-20017 to date we’ve had to bid “Aloha `Oe” to EDDIE KAMAE, PALANI VAUGHN; ROLAND CAZIMERO , MARTIN PAHINUI, MAHI BEAMER five of Hawaii’s most popular musicians who are now singing with the angels……RIP Eddie, Palani, Roland, Martin and Mahi!



Next, we need to pray for those among us who are still fighting their battles against illnesses, diseases and injuries…….While we justly mourn those who have gone home to Akua…..we need to give our love, support and prayers to those still among us who are either suffering from dreaded diseases or are slowly recuperating…….to this end let me take a moment to recognize some OF those who are still among or within our extended Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Pacific NW community by putting some persona behind the names……..

One of our miracles: God Blessed That Big Hawaiian guy from the small island of Moloka`i by making his double organ heart and kidney) replacement operation/treatment so successful….BOBBY NAKIHEI: is recuperating very well from his double organ transplant operation in December 2016…..You guys all know Bobby don’t you??? How come not?? Owner of one of the most popular Hawaiian themed restaurants in the U.S.A. (featured on the national TV show “Diners, Driveins” and Dives”) and in Everett and now in Lynnwood, WA…Whoever invented the term “broke da mouth ono kine food” was talking about Bobby’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant….Mochi Chicken mo bettan den any other….and Bobby is also one of the best Hawaiian musicians in this area (great bass player and (if you can coerce him to sing, one great singer!) The Nakihei ohana (Bobby. Lovely wife Diana and so talented daughter Psalm/Jody) plus a few mo`opuna are truly nice folks…

A continuing miracle in the making…..TANYA JOSE (hula dancer extraordinaire) has been enlightening hundreds with her personal face book journal entries on what daily life is like for a woman suffering from breast cancer…..ups and downs/da good and da not so good…..the painful times/the good times , the bad times and the in-between….Tanya tells it like it is and while I am certain there are more bad times than good times, Tanya is always positive and seldom points negatives at others for the difficulties of her life…I spent nearly four years of my life (tours in Korea and Vietnam) in war time conditions and saw what brave heroes are like and Tanya Jose is definitely a heroine in my book!!! It has been a slow process but Tanya is still fighting the battle today…God Bless you Tanya Jose!


Bad/Sad news!!!!

Cancer struck not one but two of the power figures behind the huge (10,000+ attendees each year) and very popular “Three Days of Aloha Festival” in the Vancouver, WA-Portland, OR area. First, in 2016 it was AUNTY DEVA YAMASHIRO (Kidny cancer) Executive Director of the Ke Kukui Foundaion which sponsors the festival and also co-hostess of the Festival; then in May 2017 AUNTY VICKY TAKAMINE HOLT (nationally acclaimed advocate for Hawaiian Arts and Culture and a co-hostess of the Festival) had to have a double massectomy because of the Breast Cancer disease. Both ladies are recuperating slowly but surely….But they will be at the Festival to welcome you all! Then on On July 17, ROLAND CAZIMERO(one half, with his brother ROBERT, of the world famous BROTHER CAZIMEROS duo) passed away creating a huge heartbreak for the Festival.   Robert Cazimero has been one of the main attractions (teaching hula classes) at the past Three Days of Aloha Festivals. It is not known at this point whether Robert Cazimero will be able to participate in thie year’s (2017) Festival.

One of our benefactors: CYRIL PAHINUI (creator/founder/promoter/host of the very popular Seattle Slack Key Festivals has been critically ill for the past few years and only now has he begun to show positive health improvements in Hawaii where he has been hospitalized for the past few years) The 2017 Seattle Slack Key Fesitval is scheduled to happen on November 19, 2017 although the site has not yet been set!!!

Our sympathies and condolences are extended to all those in our community who lost some of their loved ones in recent times….




Life is for the living and we need to recognize those among us whose passion is to perpetuate our Hawaiian culture by teaching/preaching/practicing/performing various elements of our culture or by being role models for our people, especially our youth! Please let me try to recognize a few among us who are devoting their time, money, talent and their effort towards helping develop our Hawaiians of tomorrow and perpetuating our Hawaiian culture!

First a salute to all the Kumu Hula scattered throughout the Pacific NW….these Kumu/experts are enshrining the values and virtues of our Hawaiian culture through their teaching of mele/song; hula/dance and a me kealoha (the spirit of love and aloha) to our keiki……..start from the southern part of the Pacific NW:

AUNTY DEVA YAMASHIRO(Vancouver, WA; founder and leader of the non-profit Ke Kukui Foundaion) Lovely lady who has been slowed (BUT NOT STOPPED by her Level 4 bout with cancer….the Ke Kukui non-profit organization sponsors more Hawaiian culture themed events each year in the Pacific NW than any other similar organization….

In the Burien/Federal Way area there is that Lady from Kauai….I call AUNTY MANU LONO the Ambassador of Love because she (and her Manuiki Foundation and haumana) spreads love all over the area (teaches hula and performs continuously from Seattle to Kent-to Sequim-to the Canadian border)

Over in the eastern side of Wakinkona is the elegant/creative Kumu AUNTY ONIE RENDAL who promotes/helps host the “Hawaiian music Bashes” (the one in Yakima (the Baby Bash) each Spring and the BBB/Blue Bridge Bash in Kennewick, WA each October).

In the metro Seattle area we have teachers like IWALANI CHRISTIAN(Bellevue/Redmond);CINDY AIONA (Edmonds); GLORIA AND BILLY NAHALEA Bremerton); KRISTA ESPIRITU(Edmonds); JOANNIE HUGHES (Lynnwood)…KATHY DEAGUAIR (Kenmore) Then across the waters of Puget Sound “Pond/Puget Sound” we have teachers like DIANE KEKELA(Bainbridge) ….to the East we have BILLY KA`AIHUE in Idaho …..to the North we have PADDY KAUHANE (Canada)!

Time to shine da light on some of the Kane who spread Hawaiiana in their own way:

—The Wa`a/outrigger canoe racing programs throughout the Pacific NW involve hundreds of paddlers (young, old and in between ages of every gender) learning the Hawaiian way of paddling from folks like: STAN DAHLIN (Seattle) BOY CHUN FOOK(Federal Way/Burien).; BUTCH CALIVO (Everett)

—And den we have the singing Hawaiian story tellers, who spread Aloha through the magic of their music…..

—in Seattle: ELIAS KAUHANE (Google “music by Elias” for his schedule of gigs) plus GARY MEDEIROS, PETER & KAWIKA TABALI; RON TUPAC and the whole BAKER FAMILY (Na Leo)

— In Spokane: TOMMY BORGES and KAI UAHINUI and the ESPERAS ohana…..


—Also in Seattle are the Hawaiian Reggae music guys BOY CHUN FOOK & son ISAIAH and their Reggae group

—In the Portland/Vancouver, WA area are KALOKU HOLT and DA CREW plus RANDY CHANG and da Can Doo it guy FRANCIS DOO.. 

—How about a clap or two for the Media guys who promote Hawaiiana through their radio/TV shows!! In the Seattle area: BRADDAH GOMES (Founder/master Host of the Hawaii Connection Radio shows (Saturdays and Sundays on 1540AM and 91.3FM) and the smooth/silver-voiced UNCLE ED TANAKA; on TV BILL NAHALEA. In the Everett area on the Coconut Wireless Radio show with Butch Calivo and Alan Albastro…Hey, I bettah mention da Hawaiian Radio Connection wahine broadcasters like da Hula Sistahs and Aunty Jade and Mel and Ala and Sista Kulina, Maile and Elaine or dey going yell sexual discrimination at me!

Three of our religious leaders (KAHU) are WENDALL “SKIP” WRIGHT (Mill Creek, WA); JAMES SEQUERIA (Vancouver, WA) and DAVID HUGHES (Redmond, WA)

Then we have others those who set examples for our young. Among these:

JUDGE MARCINE ANDERSON of the King County District Court West Division…bet you didn’t know that one of our own is a Judge huh? Judge Anderson is a Big Island lady.

Author/author:   we got some new role models: published authors including my mentor from the NW Hawaii Times era (ROCHELLE DELACRUZ)) whose new book (easy reading, interesting and fun book) “HAWAII WAYS” (comparing life in everyday Seattle versus everyday life in Hilo) is now on the stands as is the new book “FROM THE ISLAND OF BERKELEY” (Memoirs from a California born Hawaiian) by my friend and Hokuhanohano music award winner PATRICK LANDEZA!

We also have a number of successful small business owners within our Pacific NW aina.

GAIL STRINGER, owner of the Hawaii General Store (HGS) in the University area of Seattle…want leis, fresh poi, CD’s, clothing, crack seed, etc….Gail’s HGS has it! Plus her HGS Travel unit is the foremost contact for getting the best bargains for your travel and tour packages!

CINDY PA, owner of the Colors of Hawaii store in Lake Stevens area is a living example of the old style country stores (Like Hasegawa’s or the ones in Haleiwa) where you can spend hours walking in the maze of corridors displaying Hawaiiana items. Cindy is also the leader of the Pacific NW Pa-u Riders organization (these beautifully dressed and excellent horse riders perform at most of the major parades in this area)

Among the most critical of Hawaiian essentials are Hawaiian themed restaurants and we in the Pacific NW are blessed with a number of good, successful restaurants whose owners are great role models for our youth who want to get into the business. Among these are BOBBY NAKIHEI (Bobby’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant in Lynnwood, WA, YUJI OKUMOTO (Kona Kitchen in the Northgate area of Seattle), PETER BUZA (Kauai Family Restaurant in the Georgetown area of Seattle), PATRICK CHANG (Patrick’s Hawaiian Café in Vancouver WA), KAWIKA KAHOILUA (Bamboo Island Grill in South Portland) the BARIQUIT ohana (Pac Island Grill in Federal Way, WA)


Among the newest and “hottest” Hawaiian themed fads is Ukulelemania (got almost as many, if not more, people involved in learning Hawaiian kine songs/uke playing then are involved in hula…so time to say mahalo to some of the folks who do this kine teaching:

In Seattle: the I’ll call them da Uke twins cause where you find one the other one is also close by: ROD HIGUCHI and the Man with the Hawaiian Heart from Iowa UNCLE GREGG PORTER (both are the power behind groups like SUPA/Seattle Ukulele Players Assn and the Strummers…

—then teaching ukulele at Senior Centers are folks like MAS KUNEMURA (Konawaena guy) @ the Kent Senior Center and

ALMA OHTOMA (Alewa Heights, Kalihi lady) @ the Edmonds Senior Center and –

-all the way down in Oregon, my friend Maggie Matoba

—in the Vancouver, WA area is that good looking (like a model and recent Dad which he is) guy KALOKU HOLT and his brother KEAWE HOLT…..

—in Portland is the Can Doo it guy(FRANCIS DOO! Personally, I’m having fun volunteering/helping MAS and ALMA teach uke/Hawaiiana at their respective (Kent, WA and Edmonds, WA) Senior Centers…Really good fun while all of us try to get involved in spreading and perpetuating our Hawaiian culture in our own ways….it takes the leaders among us to open the gates and show us the way to go…so quickly, let us recognize some of our action folks……


Pelekina/President of the Mokuaina A Wakinikona Hawaiian Civic Club: BEN BAKER

HEATHER ROY: director of NAPALI (NW Assn of Pacific Americans Leadership Institure which trains emerging Pacific Islander leaders)


FRANCIS DOO….entertainer/Kumu Hula in the Portland, OR (whose motto is DEFINITELY “I can doooo it!”GUY!!)

RICKY CHANG: founder/host of the Hawaiian Music Bashes in Yakima/Kennewick, WA

STEVEN BRADDAH GOMES: Founder and Master Host of the weekly Hawaii Connection Radio shows

BILL NAHALEA…….Pacific NW Hawaiian themed TV shows

JEAN SMITH (the haole lady with da huge beeeg Hawaiian heart who also plays great slack key guitar); Jean sponsors and hosts at least 20 or more inhouse Hawaiian music concerts annually in her home

GERNA MANUIA BENZ (Kailua Oahu guy) entrepeneur who has helped hundreds of Hawaiian U.S.military veterans in this area and been a key link between our Hawaiian community and the Native American communities in this arrea

GAIL STRINGER (Honolulu born and raised, Punahou grad) proud of owner of the Hawaii General Store & Travel, the very best Hawaiian themed store in the entire Pacific NW. Also very proud Mom of two pretty and very talented kaikamahine (daughters).

KAWIKA KAHOILUA…owner of the Bamboo Hawaiian Grill restaurant in Portland, OR

PATRICK CHANG…owner (good looking and genuinely very nice guy) of the Hawaiian Café restaurant, Vancouver, WA

CINDY PA….leader of the Washington area Pa`u riders group;/owner of the Colors of Hawaii store (Lake Stevens, WA) and also leader of the Pacific NW Pa-u Riders organization which performs oon their horses throughout the Pacific NW While beautifully dressed in the colors representing each of our Hawaiian islands.

THE BUZA OHANA (PETER, RANDI AND MARY BUZA-SIMS & her sons) who operate/manage the Kauai Family Food Center (my term for the now combination multi-facet “Kauai Family Restaurant/Cakes of Paradise Bakery and brand new Espresso Café” complex in the Georgetown area (6th and Michigan)…The Espresso Cafe is brand new and a fun place to get some really great coffee/cake/special deserts.

JERI LIKO TACKETT: our trailblazing Olelo Hawaiian (Hawaiian language) Kumu/ teacher who was the first to start teaching Hawaiian Olelo in colleges in this area a few years ago and is now into her 6th year of doing that.

LUA PRITCHARD……., Executive Director of the APCC (Asian Pacific American Cultural Center in Tacoma, WA) If you want want to make contact with the Biggie Politicians in the Pacific NW area (Lua is your contact person)!


                  HAPPENING AND WHERE?

DATE             EVENT

JUL 27-29          THE POPULAR “THREE DAYS OF ALOHA WORKSHOPS “HO`IKE IN THE PARK” in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area.  


 I rate this the best of all the major Festivals held in the Pacific NW each year as it features Hawaiin stars like ROBERT CAZIMERO, MANU BOYD AND AUNTY VICKY TAKAMINE, CALVIN HO teaching workshops on the first two days (Thursday & Friday) of the event; the featured event on Friday evening is a hugely successful “Hapa Haole Hula”Contest. Once in a while depending on how tired they are, The featured artists (like Robert Cazimero/Manu Boyd, Aunty Vicky/aunty Deva, etc) will do an impromptu/adhoc kine (Hawaiian style) kanikapila on the Thursday evening.

Then on the Saturday (the third day of the Festival, each of the workshop teachers and their respective haumana/studentsput on their Ho`ike (graduation) show (free) in the Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA performing the dances songs/dances they learned in their workshops. I know it’s a long 150 mile drive from Seattle to Vancouver (I drive it every year) BUT I SINCERELY I CAN TELL YOU that the THREE DAYS OF ALOHA HO`IKE IN THE PARK SEGMENT IS WORTH THE TIME/THE DRIVE..where else can you see some of the Great Masters (Cazimero.Boyd, Aunty Vicky, Aunty Deva, etc perform for free and usually drop in guest artists like Aunty Manu Lono or Kuulei Gumapac and their dancers from Seattle plus some of the area’s best musicians (Kaloku & Keawe Holt; Francis Doo; Randy Chang; etc) perform for Free AT THE Ho`ike in the Park (Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, WA (shows usually last 2-3 hours). The audiences at the Ho`ike in the Park segment averages 10,000 plus and since Vancouver, WA is an out of the way site, the attendees to the Three Days Festival make the long drive there because they want to be there so every year I run into lots of folks, fans, friends from Hawaii….

I have preciously mentioned that the VERY BEST way to enjoy a Hawaiian themed concert is by attending one of those inhouse concerts sponsored by Jean Smith at her hale in Bellevue, WA. I said that because the concerts feature great Hawaiian musicians and is in a small area (maximum capacity is 40 attendees where if you go you are one-on-one, face to face with the featured artist(s)..aue, so good to be able to reach out, touch and talk to the star(s)! Once again Jean’s listing of concerts outshines most….here is a listing of the Hawaiian stars she has scheduled for the rest of her 2017 inhouse concerts. If you would like to get included on Jean’s guest list for her concerts, contact Jean at neeej@aol.com. Many of the concerts get “sorry/full/no mo’ room left” early so contact her soonest and ask if you can participate




AUG 13          BRADDAH WALTHAH (The Fada of Hawaiian Reggae) @ Jean’s Hale

AUG 19          BRADDAH WALTAH @ the Uwajimaya Hawaiian Festival Week

In downtown Renton (all day long Hawaiian entertainment)

AUG 19          MOLINA & CHEN inhouse concert @ Jean’s hale

* * * * * * OTHER EVENTS/CONCERTS* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

AUG 19-20     SPECIAL—SPECIAL EVENT: THE ANNUAL UWAJIMAYA SPONSORED HAWAIIAN FESTIVAL @ THE RENTON STORE LOCATION. All day long festivities (music/hula/special guest artists, plus lots of fun kine activities and BONUS is special prices for items in the store. Featured artist at 4 p.m. on Saturday August 18 is BRADDAH WALTAH AIPOLANI (“Father of Hawaiian Reggae music)

AUG 20           KAPENA @ CLOVER PARK fund raiser for Kamaile Hamada’s Halau

AUGUST 21 VASHON ISLAND UKULELE FESTIVAL (Workshops and Concert)FEATURING UKULELE GREAT HERB OHTA JR an all day festival @ Camp Burton on Vashon Island…various workshops begin at 10 a.m. and go through the afternoon with the Concert starting at 7 p.m.

AUG 24           Inhouse workshop/concert featuring Z. LINDSEY and RON KALAAU (1/2 of the HAPA group) @ Jean’s Hale

AUG 26           SPECIAL!!! FUND RAISER LUAU/CONCERT @ St John Vianney Catholic Church in Kirkland, WA featuring HOKU ZUTTERMEISTER and KING KAMAHELE and the best wahine singer in this area IWALANI KAMAHELE who was a lead singer in Waikiki for many years until she retired and now lives in the Kenmore, WA area.

AUG 27           KEIKI & LEO LINDSEY WORKSHOP @ Jean’s hale Bellevue

SEPT 9           “LIVE ALOHA HAWAIIAN FESTIVAL” @ the Seattle Center with Hawaiian super star KUANA TORRES KAHALE as the 2017 main entertainment headliner.

OCT 6-8         the 2017 BLUE BRIDGE BASH HAWAIIAN MUSIC FESTIVAL in the Tri-cities (Kennewick/Pasco/Richland, WA area). This is one of my favorite events.

NOV 19          THE SEATTLE SLACK FESTIVAL..is definitely going to happen though the location and final list of featured guest artists has not been finalized yet.

* * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * * * * * * * *

HAWAIIANA (MUSIC/DANCE/ALOHA) lives on…and on…and on…..

—-I was walking the Edmonds, WA beachfront on Saturday July 15th with my trusty ukulele in hand because someone had told me that there was supposed to be a Hawaiian kine Luau on the beach there….and Lo & Behold:   Someone yelled “Hey Uncle Danny: come play music with us”…..and I saw a bunch of folks (mostly Haole) playing their ukuleles for the people walking on the beach (no, they weren’t just playing hapa-haole kine songs (they were ACTUALLY doing “Wahine Ilikea” when I joined them)…so I joined the group (they’re called the “Strummers” (50 plus members)) who love playing their ukuleles and they are good! (you can hear them up close and personal if you go to the Kona Kitchen restaurant (5th Ave & 85th St in the Northgate area of Seattle) for their Wednesday evening jam sessions…anyway they were entertaining the people so I joined them for a few numbers…..

—but then DA REAL KINE HAWAIIAN MUSIC & HULA took over as Kiliki Gravallese and her Halau Na Wahine O Mana O’Lono took over the stage and they asked me “Uncle Danny: stay on stage and help us play music” so for the next 2-3 hours I was having fun playing/singing songs of Hawaii for the hundreds of folks who were walking around on the beach and who (LIKE BACK IN Hawaii kine style) were invited to “come sing” or “come dance hula” or Mau mea ai ”come eat” (nice spread of Hawaiian kine food fed to all for free).. Host and sponsor of this Edmonds Luau on the Beach was the “Elemental Massage Therapy & Spa” company (owned and managed by MARISA BERGLUND who lived in Kona for several years and learned the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi style massage while she was there (she still does Lomi-lomi massage at her Elemental Massage site)…in fact she would love to meet with Hawaiians up here who may know the Hawaiian style Lomi…contact her if you’d like to meet! This is truly a lady who has a Hawaiian heart!)


GROWING OLD IS HELL BUT LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!! Mahalo to all of you who have been so supportive of my Holoholo efforts….my pledge to you is that I will endeavor to be much more attentive and timely in keeping Holoholo on line……..special mahalo to MAILE LONO-BATURA who helps me post Holoholo on line…

Tis time to say farewell for just a little while…….be kind to each other (this world of ours has become harsher and less friendly in recent times so we need each other more than ever before)…



                                    UNCLE DANNY